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Castor Belt Replacement Flannel

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This Flannel fits our "Night Time Pack & Our Standard Castor Oil Pack " product.

Every 8 weeks (approximately after 40 uses) wash your insert flannel.

1.  Begin by adding 4 table spoons of bicarbonate of soda to hot/ warm water.

  1. Immerse your insert flannel and leave to soak overnight.  Bicarbonate of soda will pull most of the castor oil up.
  2. After soaking the flannel thoroughly wring the flannel and place in the washing machine at 30oc on a gentle delicate wash with mild natural soap.

Leave to air dry on radiator or in airing cupboard. Do not put in the dryer.

Approximately every 6 months replace your insert. Our insert flannels feature 100% organic, triple-layered unbleached cotton, providing you with unparalleled quality.

Castor Belt Replacement Flannel
Castor Belt Replacement Flannel Sale price£18.50