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Why Us?

Welcome to Enhanced Health. We are UK based Castor Oil Pack specialists, known for our premium quality, toxin free products and oils.

We want to congratulate you on taking charge of your own health and making positive steps towards wellness. 


Castor Oil Packs

✔️Chemical & Dye Free ✔️100% Organic Cotton ✔️Mess Free 
✔️Universal Fit ✔️Removable Insert ✔️Superior Quality

Our Castor Oil packs are a long-term health companion hand-crated to the highest quality, with your health in mind:

  • Knowing our products are applied directly to the skin for long periods of time, we have crafted them with organic materials in every layer - the outer layer, inner layer, and insert flannel.
  • Unlike cheaper, mass produced alternatives our castor oil packs are free from contamination from lead, phthalates, dioxins.
  • All products are designed with a removable insert flannel allowing regular washing and cleaning. And when the time comes, you can order a replacement flannel rather than a whole new belt - great for your pocket and the environment.

Castor Oil

✔️100% Organic ✔️Hexane Free ✔️Cold-Pressed ✔️Glass Bottle ✔️Non-Sticky

Our Castor Oil is 100% organic, cold pressed and hexane free. The potency of our oil means you are getting the best healing properties when treating your body. Our Castor Oil is only stored in glass bottles, avoiding any plastic contamination or breakdown from exposure to light.

We produce the highest quality Castor Oil packs and related products on the market. Safe for the body. Effective for your health.