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Sluggish Liver


The Liver stores and processes toxins in the body. It is the largest solid organ in the body removing toxins from the body's blood supply, maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, regulating blood clotting and more. Stagnation in the liver can lead to serious health issues including chronic fatigue, swelling in the legs and ankles and hormonal imbalance. Castor Packs can be applied to the liver area ( just below your ribcage) which drastically helps with decongestion and promotes healing.You will experience a reduction of nausea, improved digestion, reduced inflammation, and immune enhancing benefits.

The Lymphatic System helps protect us from infection and disease acting as drainage system for toxins & excessive hormones. These unwanted toxins and excess waste are processed and purified through the lymph nodes.  Our lymph nodes get active movement through exercise and heat which in turn prevents stagnation and build up. Castor packs stimulate the lymph promoting detoxification and cleansing especially when applied topically in the pelvic area.

Buy your organic castor oil pack today and begin to detox your body in a powerful effective way